April 14, 2021 41 Komodos made their way across the Border to Albury for a long-anticipated trip away, a trip where so many memories are made.

The rise and death of the Komodo Party house…

Lasting friendships with interstate clubs were formed.

Team bonding of our Bazinga crew, occurred at another level

Strokes found their rhythm as one…

Millsy lost to not one but three women!

The format of this regatta was one Komodo had not seen before with overall team results combined across each event, racing went from the mad 100 mtr dash, where our starts were well critiqued to be completely re-engineered!

Through to the 1km pursuit, the most fun race ever! The pursuit is a race where a team’s women’s 10s head out first, 30 seconds later, the opens crew set off in pursuit. Times are recorded once both boats cross the finish line of the 1km turns course. The competition starts from the opposite side of the course so you never really know how you are fairing against them.

The idea is that when the opens catch their women the race becomes about skill of the sweep. For which the commentators noted that ‘those Komodo Sweeps are brilliant’ as they watched on from drone footage as our sweeps navigated perfectly around each turn, with Komodo opens boat pushing just past the women to give them the wake to ride home…. Well that is what was supposed to happen, in theory, but noting Komodo men are not so good at dropping to 80% (enter the only reason we maybe shouldn’t train 80% as 100%!!), Kel –screaming for the men to ‘slow down’, realised the uselessness of such a call and changed her tack, turned to the strokes of the women’s boat and roared …. ‘HURRY THE @#$! UP’. it worked! We smashed over the finish line in our best time of the day!

Our Bazinga women suffered the same inability to ‘slow down’ so their counterparts from Albury Warriors Opens could catch them! The power of our women was truly inspiring.

Some still found time for snoozing…

Games and good old fashioned sandcastle building

But the real fun was had after all the racing was done. As Komodo descended on the Albury Brew House where some stories will forever remain untold.

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