Mel Little-Boss reporting from today’s regatta.

January 15, 2022 was filled with sweat, tears and laughter as the Club undertook the challenge of 500m sweepstakes, 2km and 200m racing!

With one eye on the weather forecast and the other eye laser focused on the water, all crew members have been training extremely hard in “Beetroot Phase v 1.0” (formerly known as red and blue phase).  Everyone was super pumped to be racing (especially after Wednesday’s session of 2km racing riding waves! – thanks Captain Coops for developing that session!)

The day started off with 500m sweepstakes with Aditya and Willow as sweeps.  Both were totally in control and nailed both races.

Next was the 2km racing for mixed, opens and women’s crews.  The weather was a bit choppy, but we handled it beautifully.  I got the opportunity to drum the Open 2k with Ads and I’m pretty sure we got the MACHINE call at least 4 times (might have to refer to the go pro footage to check that!).

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I also had the pleasure of drumming for Em in the Mixed 2k and she handled the boat with her usual style of grace and elegance.

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Regatta Jan 15 - One Hot Minute Mixed Edition) (Time 0_00_59;27)

And to ease off the pace (just a little bit!) we finished off with 200m racing.  We had the 2 women’s crew in the final and all 3 mixed crews in the finals.  All I can say is WOW the competition was fierce!

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Regatta Jan 15 - One Hot Minute (Awesome Edition) (Time 0_00_14;12)

Congratulations goes out to Robyn W for being awarded a Lifetime member for all her hard work and efforts to DBACT and to the Club on and off the water.  Coach Kim provided a heartfelt presentation speech.

Robyn doing Aurora things!
Robyn doing Aurora things!

Special thanks also goes to Coach Punchy for undertaking the task of configuring all the crews for today’s regatta (she totally aced the configs to get all the crews into all the finals) 💙

Thanks also to Tammi and Cindy for volunteering as Marshalls and Timekeepers 💙

We celebrated a full day of racing with a social BBQ and drinks (and sunshine!) organised by the Committee.  What a great way to cap off the day!   Thanks to Karl and Sonja for cooking up all the snags while the final mixed crew was racing, and to President Millsy for arranging the drinks to help cool us down.

Komodo BBQ

Regatta 6 is just around the corner!  And in the words of the Cookie Monster (because he is my spirit animal!)

Cookie Monster Hungry to Paddle

xo Mel Little-Boss

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