Wahoo!! What a Trip!  Last weekend saw the Club pack up and head North to Northern Narabeen to participate in the annual Bei Loon 8 km Dragoon Boat race around Scott Island. But this year it turns out there was no Scott Island because of high winds, instead participants were confronted with four 2km “out and back loops” that actually worked out to be 9 Km. What’s an extra kilometre thrown in at the end of an 8 Km race among friends, actually a fair bit as it turned out!

The Komodo advance party set off on Friday to attend the renowned smash hit Broadway production of Hamilton at the Lyric Theatre.  What a great night, sitting in a dragon boat configuration in the theatre, humming and at times singing along to this magical stage production. And on our journey back from the Theatre we were in awe with the Club’s number one Hamilton fans; Thea, Sarah and Laura as they demonstrated an amazing ability to rap to almost the entire stage production – Eliiizaaaaa (those who attended will understand 😁).

On Saturday the big guns left Canberra for us all to arrive in time for our warm ups, strategy talk and then off to the start line.

You want me to do what? Post on every corner? Sure why not!
Sounds like fun! How hard can it be! OMG!!

With 18 paddlers and Bestie on the sweep ore, Komodo set off at a cracking pace down wind. With our strokes leading the way we made quick work of most other boats, except for that one pesky boat with 20 paddlers ahead of us.

1 km down and our first turn back into a significant head wind that did not let up the entire race; Komodo dug deep as the Sprint and Engine rooms MUSCLED UP!  Dogging waves, motor boats, and the occasional oncoming dragon boat, Bestie looked for every small runner she could get us on and sliced around every corner as we made our way round the course, lap after lap.  And finally, with the last 500 meters to go, the big call up from our super coach Kim, “give it all you have got Komodo”.  The rate lifted and we all dug deep to find that little bit extra we could give for each other as the boat raced passed the finish line. Everyone had given their all, exhausted, proud and exhilarated all at the same time.

Exhausted, Proud and Exhilerated

Performance of the day definitely goes to our sweep Bestie with a special mention to our two bailers who kept us afloat, Rach and Michelle. And of course, everyone on that boat that gave it everything they had, and then some more!!

Following presentations and our Second Place (Wahoo!!), the club celebrated with the other clubs with a BBQ and a welcome swim to help those sore muscles.

And finally, we moved on to the final stage of the weekend.  Dinner and drinks together telling stories of the day’s efforts, comparing whose muscles were more tide and who had lost more skin.  The more adventurous formed teams and duelled each other in Viking Chess and Finska.  And a notable mention for best dinner goes to Roddy and Sam’s BBQ.

And finally, rumour has it, lots of liquid was consumed that evening to try and replace that lost earlier in the day, not a lot of that was water!


What a great weekend away racing, with best mates, giving it all for each other, sharing and caring!

I love our ‘Blue and White Family

I cannot wait to do it all again soon!


President Millsy

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