Regatta 7 – Fast & Furious

A regatta that was scheduled to finish before noon, with almost no breaks between races, it promised to be a fast & furious day! With Komodo overseeing the set-up and pack down for the regatta it meant an early start for everyone, and it was great to see the entire team get involved and eager to help set up for the day (or morning) of racing ahead.

To open the day of racing, the ACT team decided to test the course in full race conditions and to provide another opportunity for the members to gel as a team. Komodo paddlers filled most of the spots in the boat, and after some confusion at the start line, the boat was off and running.

The smaller number of crews attending the regatta meant that races were almost back-to-back, with paddlers jumping straight from one boat to the other, with some not even leaving the boat! The Mixed teams of Komodo Blue and White hotly contested the mixed races. Some dispute has arisen as to whether the boats were evenly configured. This was all brought to a head during the Major Finals, where even when presented with photographic evidence the results were still being disputed.

In light of this dispute, we took it upon ourselves to investigate the matter. An issue such as this deserves a nuanced and unbiased inquiry, and so we present the very first edition of….

Breaking News from A Komodo Affair

Is there a Great Komodo Konspiracy?

Tune into the latest exclusive premier of A Komodo Affair where our field reporters dig into the facts at Regatta 7!

A huge thank you to the Coaching Team and the Komodo Committee for organizing everything for the regatta, and also to everyone who helped with the set-up and pack-down. Everyone’s efforts were recognized by the DBACT who commended us on the efficiency and our willingness to help.

Brought to you from field reporters Oscar (of many faces) Ofiana and Tom (the Fang) Wicks

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  1. Hilarious!!! Great job, Tom!

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