Benchmarking is DONE!

Near the start and end of every season we push, prod and poke our paddlers to take part in a process of “benchmarking”. It’s an opportunity to evaluate how we each progress as individuals in areas such as

  • power
  • fitness
  • lactic tolerance, and
  • technique.

At Komodo our paddlers are tested and evaluated under various conditions:

  • The Erg
  • Solo dragon boat race
  • Video technique sessions

These results provide information to assist the coaches to create performance plans for individuals, as well as contribute significantly into the selection process for our State and National championship crews.

Putting yourself voluntarily under scrutiny, where you are being assessed as an individual and compared to others, is a big ask for anyone.  We can’t build the best team without having athletes who listen, watch, learn, adapt, measure and grow.

That’s why this process is so important to us, and why we are so proud of this team!

For our Komodo’s, links will be sent shortly with footage of your paddling, and the coaches will publish Erg and Solo results via email.

By Captain Coops

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