Knock Out Win

The most awaited annual 8km race is here!

We had every intention to write 8 K reasons why we love the Bei Loon race but just like the race, it’s now down to half of what it should have been.

So here are 4K good reasons why we love the Bei Loon race.

K reason # 1: Komodo grit

We all know that every Komodo has undeniable grit. The hunger to win resonates in every paddler not just in races but also in training. As soon as the “Komodo Beiloon 2023” group chat was formed, we all knew it was on! In true Komodo fashion, the first ever Bei Loon boat training ran for not just 8 but a total of 9.6 km (with a false promise short break after the 20min mark turn).

Heads in the boat, the Komodo Grit was in full swing as soon as the race started. Big 5, deeper, longer, 3, 2, 1 were called. The Komodo boat starting last, went for the boat in front. (Hot tip – never trash talk a blue and white boat especially right before a race). Boat after boat after boat. Aiming for the very last boat to chase, Komodo reached the 4km mark when we heard “Komodo stop!”. The blue and white boat was not happy, not at all.

The last heat ended abruptly due to dangerous weather. We were all thinking it but Michelle said it, “These Sydney siders need to toughen up”.  Cries of disappointment throughout the boat. All 18 paddlers plus the sweep still wanting to race until the very end. We all know now, nothing will stop a Komodo. Not even choppy salty water.

K reason # 2: Kick Ass Music

Thank you to our strokes, Thea and Millsy (and maybe coach Kim) for the Bei Loon playlist. Setting the rhythm of the boat, the playlist was a huge success in trainings and also the race (despite battling the wind). Everyone was definitely in the zone as the music set the rate. Few weren’t  Meghan Trainor fans but we  loved almost every single one!

K reason # 3: Killer Turns

Because Bestie takes her craft very seriously, first order of business was to watch the previous heats and strategize each and every turn. With a game plan in mind, Millsy was asked to post and two benches behind to draw deep.

Posting did not happen. I don’ t know about the other sweeps but Bestie sure as hell made those turns look easy peasy! No other boat turned as sharply as the Komodo boat did which surely helped getting ahead of the other boats!  I truly believe our sweep deserves a standing ovation. Bravo Bravo!

 K reason # 4: Knock Out Win

Okay okay so we were announced a third placer.  This is debatable. Who thinks  4km time x 2 minus “bugger” factor is the right equation? With all that hardcore training, we’re all fit as we can ever be. Komodo does not get buggered over 8km!! If anything, we go fast and we power home! So with that, I therefore conclude that Komodo won that race. We just have to race again next year to prove it. Who’s in?

Until then, Komodo will work hard and party harder. It was an over all a fun day out in the sun, doing what we do best. A day spent with beautiful happy people. Thank you coaches for always pushing us to be the best we can be and thank you teammates for making every race one for the books!

Alyssa and Kym reporting from the Northern beaches of Sydney.

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