Welcome to Coach’s Corner. This is your one stop paddle fitness shop for workouts and resources to hone the edge to your on water training.

If you have any training and fitness questions please email komodocoach@gmail.com

Training Resource Links

  • Kez’s Komodo Yellow Phase Workout: (Video) Yellow Phase is about building paddling muscles with high volume/low intensity on water; and building strength low volume/high load off water.
  • Komodo Workout #6 – the KOMODO PUSHUP CHALLENGE. It’s simple and you don’t have to think. Just click on the link above and print out the 1 page, visit the website or download for free on your smartphone.
  • Komodo Workout #5 – (Video) The aim? 5 stations. Each station has only 2 exercises. 50 reps on each. Once you’ve done a 50-50  on all 5 stations repeat and you are DONE.
  • Komodo Workout #4 – (Video) Red Phase is here and it’s time for Coach Chicki’s favourite exercise term ….TABATA! You can rest assured you will be sweaty, stinky and spewy with this feisty little number.
  • Komodo Workout #3 – (Video) This awesome 3 x 12 station workout will step you up towards red zone training.
  • Komodo Workout #2 – The aim of Number 2 is to hit 100 repetitions in 2 mins. Every exercise is 2mins only. Start light, and work your way up to it.
  • Komodo Workout #1 – (Video) This cheeky little number is all about keeping the heart rate up whilst doing some power moves as well. It takes about 25 mins to roll through the set 3 times.

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