Komodo Paddle Club COVID Safety

Latest update: 22 September 2021

The intent of this plan is to protect our club, member’s families, our community and the sport.

This plan is mandatory from release and will be updated when required to align with updated direction from the ACT Government and DBACT.

It relies on each member within the club doing the right thing by seeking to reduce the risk of COVID spread wherever possible, both on and off the water.

As a club we are mandated and will comply with all relevant Federal and ACT rulings and restrictions relating to the control of COVID.

We will also comply with directions from both AUSDBF and DBACT as our governing sporting bodies at Territory and National level.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease that will be endemic in both Australia and Internationally. The best defence against this disease is vaccination. It reduces the chance of infection, onward spreading and the severity of the disease.

While our club is currently under lockdown restrictions in the ACT, restrictions are likely to ease over the coming weeks and months as Territory and National vaccination rates increase. This Plan is specific to our sport in the ACT and our Club and will govern our approach to getting back to normal. Other States and Territories will have their own specific restrictions and as such, plans will need to be considered when our club is preparing to train and compete outside of the ACT.

Key Tenants

The key tenants of this plan are:

  • Responsibility. Each member agrees to take responsibility for their actions by seeking to reduce their potential of exposure and subsequently spreading the disease by responding appropriately to public health advice and directions. Regularly checking of exposure sites and public health advice, and always using the Check In CBR is required.
  • Vaccination. While vaccination remains a personal choice, members are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as a means of reducing the risk to individuals, their families, the community, and to our sport.
  • Social distancing. When returning to paddling we will be restricted by social distancing and capped number requirements. These will affect what we can and cannot do, on and off water. Members should keep   1.5m apart when on land, and reserve at least one seat between paddlers (and the sweep) on water. No more than two members should be in the paddling shed at any one time.
  • Hygiene. The spread of COVID is reduced by the wearing of masks and the regular cleaning of hands and equipment. Masks must be worn on land before and after paddling, they can be removed while paddling however must be carried with you at all times. All members are required to use an alcohol-based sanitiser to clean their hands before and where appropriate during training and races events. The Club will maintain disinfectant spray in our lockers to clean down DBACT and club equipment after use. Those running training will be responsible for ensuring that equipment is appropriately cleaned at the end of the activity.
  • Illness and Guests at Training. If anybody has felt cold or flu symptoms or a sore throat, no matter how mild, anytime in the previous 14 days, there is a requirement that you must stay away from group training until you have received a negative COVID test. While Guests are welcome to paddle with the club provided they have abided by relevant ACT and Federal restrictions and directions, the member sponsoring the guest must ensure that the individual/s comply with the intent and direction of this plan.
  • Check-in. All members are required to use TeamSnap to log their attendance at training sessions, and always use the Check In CBR app to check into the Grevillea Park facility.

Our club prides itself on its commitment to each other and the sport. This plan aims to reduce the COVID risk to our members, their families, the community, and to our sport to so far as reasonably practicable. To be effective it requires all of us to do the right thing.

COVID Safety