Kez’s Komodo Yellow Phase Workout (+video)

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The members asked for it, and boy have we delivered. Our sultry Strength & Conditioning Coach Kez ( has broken out the talcum powder, squeezed into the lycra and can be seen here for the first time in history gyrating in front of the video camera to give us the gold – Kez’s Komodo Yellow Phase Workout No#1.

How lucky Komodo are to have such experience and enthusiasm at our fingertips this season. Kez is a veteran Komodo from inception and has been at the fitness game for decades.

If this is what she can deliver for you in her first few weeks, the season is shaping  to be off the rails with ideas, resources, workouts and advice.

Here’s the skinny on the workout…..

Yellow Phase Workout No#1

Yellow Phase is about building paddling muscles with high volume/low intensity on water; and building strength low volume/high load off water.

Watch the video which features some scaled intensity exerciseWarm Up – using light weights of the exercises in video

  • Warm Up: light weights of the exercises in video 5-10 mins
  • Sets: 4 sets
  • Reps: 5-9
  • Weight: heavy, so you are starting to fail by the last set.
  • Progression: increasing weight as you build up each week
  • Timing: 3 times per week
  • Pattern: alternate High/Low  Do Upper Body + Core one day and Lower + Core alternate.
  • Combo High/Low: choose 3 lower 4 upper + core for an all body workout

Here’s the Video

Yellow Phase Workout Exercises

  • Smith machine squats or dumbbell squats
  • Bench step ups
  • Lunges/lunge off step
  • Pistol squats
  • Lateral work for injury prevention
Upper pull
  • Seated row (cable)
  • Chin ups, eccentric chin ups, or lat pulldown (chicki x we didn’t video lat pulldown though)
  • Straight arm cable pulls
  • TRX pull ups
Upper push
  • Chest presses (on bench)
  • Push ups followed by tricep pushups
  • Single arm (and single leg) shoulder presses
  • TRX Pike pushup combo