Komodo 6 Week Pushup Challenge

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OK peeps, with but 6 weeks until the season starts, it’s time to start coaxing those arm & back muscles into some semblance of compliance. Want toned arms? Want muscly shoulders? Defined back?  Want to be able to breeze through benchmarking at the beginning of the season?


Well here it is Komodos – the KOMODO PUSHUP CHALLENGE. It’s simple and you don’t have to think. Just click on the link above and print out the 1 page, visit the website or download for free on your smartphone.

What do you need?  Determination and a lounge room floor able to handle you 3 times per week in front of the TV.

How fit do you have to be? Able to already do 5 pushups on your toes.

When will I see the results? After the first week you will feel your arms strengthen and taunten.

What will it give me? The upper body strength to be able to confidently attack benchmarking knowing you are pulling results you were chasing at the end of the season.

6 weeks. 3 sessions per week. 20 mins on your lounge room floor in front of the TV. That’s it. You have the tools right here. Good luck and have fun.