Lower Carb Komodo’s

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It all started innocently enough, with a post-regatta Christmas celebration by the intrepid paddlers, sweeps, drummers, volunteers, supporters and friends. There were a few chips. Salsa was spotted, and a Mediterranean antipasto platter. Even some cute little sausages wrapped in pastry, and party pies. There was even a lovely platter of fruit.

The tunes were playing and a merry vibe all round.

The Komodo’s frolicked easily in a post-regatta haze, chatting and laughing about the great day’s racing.

Komodo’s partying like it’s 1984

But suddenly, the mood began to change. And there it is, we can see ground zero captured below…. A box of homemade brownies. We all know brownies are a gateway drug, and pretty soon out came a full homemade pavlova.

Oh no, not sugar!

There’s a wise saying in the zoo-keeping business: Never, ever, give Komodos sugar.

At first the changes we’re subtle…

Something’s happening…

But then it was unmistakable. As more brownies and pavlova got consumed, the Komodo’s began to change…

The change has begun
The sugar-fuelled Komodo’s emerge!

No-one was immune. Coach Kim was spied wondering the crowd with a basket of lollies, and finally fully succumbed to “the change” herself.

Even Thea was left questioning her own sanity in the aftermath of a sugar-fuelled haze.

White bread chip sandwich hiding behind a “lower carb” cider

And so it was that although a brilliant regatta was had by all, the safety of the nation was put at risk through the innocent release of brownies and pavlova. Luckily Komodo’s are a resilient lot, and we do expect a full recovery.

Love your work Komodo!