Komodo is proudly sponsored by the Ainslie Group 

Komodo are generously supported by the Ainslie Group.

Always committed to sport and its values, the Ainslie Group sponsorship enables Komodo to compete in interstate
regattas, upgrade our infrastructure, purchase coaching support technology and promote both our clubs at all events we have competed in.

Without Ainslie, our members would be dipping into their own pockets to pursue the sport we love.

The Ainslie Football & Social Club has played a vital role in the Canberra community for more  than 80 years. The Ainslie Football Club is a leading & major club in the Canberra region. Ainslie Football Clubs’ primary objective is to foster Australian Rules Football & Sport, and Komodo Paddle Club is a proud recipient of that commitment

The recently renovated Ainslie Football & Social Club is the home of Ainslie Football Club overlooking the world-class Ainslie Football Oval.

Komodo HQ – Ainslie Football Club

In addition to the direct support provided by the Ainslie Group, Komodo has also been welcomed into the
Ainslie Football Club on Wakefield Avenue Ainslie, which has become our Headquarters and home away from home.

When we are at Komodo HQ, the hungry team is always well fed by the Ainslie chefs, who in conjunction with the Ainslie staff and management, ensure we are always taken care of, whether it is after training, coaching debrief session or our larger events such as the incredibly successful trivia night and our functions throughout the season.

Ainslie Football Club